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Monday, April 16, 2012

A-Haunting We Will Go

Ok there is a couple who want to be released from their rental lease of a home claiming that the house is haunted

The coupe says lights turn on & off in rooms where they aren't in them ... That they have felt touches ... They have heard rapping ... Etc ... They even say that items have been flown around the house

The "experts" they brought in on camera did not say they witnessed any of the abnormalities themselves just that they wouldn't say that these people didn't experience what they say the experienced ... really? ... Gee I don't know why you aren't being taken seriously?

Maybe you should stop giving wushu-washy answers and just say that you didn't see anything!

I'm not going to be hypocritical enough to say there aren't cases of haunting -but we've all had instances at one time or another where we have felt a touch, heard a noise, or had an object fall or move which can not be easily explained away ... But it's hardly a haunting

I agree with the landlord that it is more a case of them trying to get out of the lease and hopes that the landlord will have to pay for the hotel rooms/meals (since you can't cook in many
Hotel rooms) ...

FoxNews had an "expert" Chip Coffey (medium/psychic) on who said yeah he believes them, that what they describe is pretty textbook (the first clue to me that it's not real - things are hardly ever "textbook") ...

When one of the Fox contributors - a lawyer - started asking the expert questions that would be asked by a lawyer - the expert got flippant and defensive ...

When asked of he (the expert) ever testified in a court of law to these phenomena, the expert said why should he have to do that

When asked if there was a consensus in the scientific community to show this stuff really happens he answered "is there proof of God?"

if you want to be believed - I don't care if you're a published author or not - don't get flippant ... Just answer yes or no - otherwise you look like little more than a sideshow hawker trying to make a buck off the gullibility of the public

Some links:
ABCNews video story this maybe the iPad version of the story - if so simply scan the ABCNews website for the story - it will likely be on the "Good Morning America" page

Wikipedia: Chip Coffey

Chip Coffey's official website

Things I found on Chip -
He does readings ... $200 for 20-30 minutes ... He will do spiritual contacts for $500 for 30-45 minutes, anyone else you bring will cost an extra $250 a person ... If you want to ask questions of the loved one he contacts? That will cost you $650 for approx. 45 minutes ... He has listed three "testimonials" on his website as well (no names attributed though)

Now I know in my state this sort of thing is a big no no ... I'm just saying ... and I don't know about what his beliefs are, but those I know who have such ability would frown upon his charging such rates ...

but then - who is to say? he was on a couple of national cable shows too ... Paranormal Kids and Paranormal State (I think that's it)

and you have to believe what you see on cable right?

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