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Monday, May 14, 2012

Economic Education

So Obama wants to put out yet ANOTHER stimulus package ... This would be his THIRD since in office

Let's remember some of the legacies from his first two packages:

• $5.5Billion on just 100 projects
• $24Billion for contracts with "tax cheats"
• $250 stimulus checks sent to 71,000 dead people
• 17,000 prison inmates also received stimulus checks
• Handicap ramps on corners where there were no sidewalks to connect them to (they were just stuck into grass)
• Solyndra investment of $527 Million of tax payer money
• "shovel ready" projects which still have not taken place
• "green jobs" which never appeared for their $100 BILLION dedication

So why would he want to do this failed policy again?

After his announcement on same-sex marriage Obama was 7% behind Romney in the polls - also he is not selling out the venues like he did last time, mostly because people can not afford to go

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