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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reality Check

Oh look his ratings are down ... and he can't raise the funds like he used to ...

Obama this morning was on The View - I haven't seen it yet (it's on my DVR) but I think it's rather ironic that somewhere - either before or after - he gave a speech at Bernard University (a COMMENCEMENT speech none the less) where instead of talking about what a change these women could make on the world, instead of spotlighting current world issues that could use their smarts ... He ATTACKED THE MEDIA ...

Yeah, that's what I said ... WHAT THE F---?

He basically said that the media is to blame for people not trusting government because the media only shows the bad news ...

He kind of has a point BUT

It sounds like he wants to have the strict controls on the media that KOREA and CHINA has ...

Hey ...

Those are two COMMUNIST counties ...

Explains a lot

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