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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Election 2012

well its been a while since i've had a dedicated post to this heading ...

Dateline: AZ
Subject: that damned Birth Certificate

The Attorney General of AZ says he may have no choice but to REMOVE President Obama's name from the November ballot (the deadline for setting it in stone is coming up very quickly) because he is not satisfied with the information he is getting from HI about Obama's birth ...

According to state law there are certain steps which must be taken to put a person on the ticket and he feels that HI is skipping a bunch of steps ...

HI on the other hand is saying that according to their state law, they have provided as much information as they need to ... that is a copy of the birth-certificate without having to produce anything else

to get more info than that the AZ Attorney General has to meet quite a few of Hawaii's requirements to prove he needs the more in-depth proof ...

neither side can agree as to whether he has done that either or not ...


like its all gonna really matter any ways ...

we all know that the "fix" is in already ... that the machines and judges have been set in place across the nation to be sure the votes go there way ....

my proof?

how about the dead people in FL which voted in their last state election ... not sure if it would have changed anything but its the thought that it happened

and that's not the only instance either ...

its not just democrat, not just republican, not just liberal, not just conservative ...

i would like to see a breakdown of where the fraud took place though ...

does it seem to happen in:
mostly poor neighborhoods?
mostly rich neighborhoods?
big cities?
smaller but wider spread cities?
closer to college campuses?
old folk homes?
places where they bring people in by the bus/van/car load to vote?
place where people tend to trickle in with a couple of good rushes?

I'm curious

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