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Thursday, May 03, 2012

File This Under ...

Unlawful Use Of Power ...

for those of us who were flabbergasted by the accusations of the Clinton administration trying to use its power to get Lewinsky a job (or was it the whistle blower in the case?) to keep the Oral Office Scandal secret, what Obama and his cronies are doing blows our minds!

Now remembering that it was the President himself who accused the Supreme Court of acting unconstitutionally by even considering taking on the Health Care Law's constitutional standing ...

it seems unthought of that this same President, through his Justice Department, would now "threaten" the Medicare payments for millions of Americans!

the administration has sent letters to the Justices stating that if they strike down the INDIVIDUAL MANDATE (the part of the law that forces everyone to carry health insurance whether they wish it or not) it will cause..
" ... extraordinary disruption to Medicare's payment system if indeed the Court turns down the Medicare Reform Law {Obama Care} ...

so while accusing the Court of doing something so unheard of as to challenge a law passed by elected officials (sorry but its part of their job, Mr.Constitutional Lawyer - kinda brings into question those Harvard grades again, huh?} the White House sees no problem with THREATENING the medical care to all these seniors ... also remember that most of the judges on the USSC are probably using Medicare themselves on some level as they are above retirement age ...

wouldn't you think when the government realized that Americans weren't going to just roll over and let this happen, that they would have made provisions for what to do if they didn't win?

or are they so arrogant as to think that the Supreme Court would just roll over and beg the President to scratch their tummies?

so what exactly are we looking at here?

In 2012 Medicare will spend about $565.9 (the fiscal year that is)

this spending has grown by 9% each year since 1985 (on average)

by 2020 the cost of Medicare is expected to increase by 80% (I wonder if this is before, or after, Obama-care kicks in)

47.5 MILLION people are covered by Medicare

by 2020 they are expecting over 30 million more people to join the ranks (this has to be after Obama-care)

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