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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Reality TV

"7 Days of Sex"

I stumbled upon this one on the Lifetime Network ...

The premise is that a week of sex will fix nearly any marriage ...

The first episode was a couple with triplets - mom is a stay-at-home mom while dad "pays the bills and handles the finances" .... the things EVERY stay-at-home mom hates, being made to feel like they don't contribute to the household ...

The man can't understand why at night she isn't ready for sex, so on day 2 he got to stay home with the kids while his wife went off for a day of relaxation

He felt she was concentrating too much on the kids and not enough on him ... I think he has a Madonna complex (Madonna to the world/whore in the bedroom) ... actually it's a very common for men to think this way

She decided to take lap-dance lessons (needless to say she is skinny) - when she tries to explain how she feels about the life she leads, how it seems to zap her energy and she feels like she short-changes her husband ... he's an idiot and starts talking that it was her choice to stay home ... When she tried to explain it to him, he walked away going "blah blah blah blah blah" ... Yeah I wouldn't let it happen either

By he next day they made up, well they decided to ignore it for a while

At the Commitment Ceremony - he presented her with the ring she never got and she made well, her vows seemed more jesty than serious ... but that could just be her personality showing though

The other couple is a blended family - both had previous divorces - and they knew they were opposites, but now that the kids are older they are starting to have issues ... He is very conservative and she is ... Well she isn't

He is a planner and she is a jumper - but he feels she never initiates intimacy, but somehow I don't get the feeling he does either ... actually if they really concentrated they would probably find the woman was really the instigator without either knowing it

When it came time to talk to the therapist she mentioned that the second day was better because she made him do things for HER ... She also said that you shouldn't stop dating your wife, which I think he took offense to and countered that you don't stop being interested in your husband - which put a squash to the whole conversation

The therapist suggested having a new 1st date with each other and get to know each other again ... he mentions that no matter how the date went she would be going back to his place - which she didn't find very funny at first, and you can't blame her it sounded like he wasn't really going to try ... but it turned out really really nice actually

The next day she made Gina home made pie - and boy did he like that!

By the sixth night the guy says on audio that the thought of having sex is making him nauseous! REALLY?

At the commitment Ceremony, he was very sweet and romantic - she was ... herself


Couple 1: until he understands all that she goes through and gets over that "money = contribution" attitude they will forever have issues no matter how good the sex is ... actually I think as the kids get older it should help a lot

Couple 2: there is hope, but she has got to be less self-centered ... they didn't show how the family interacted, this will tell a lot about how they are blending ....

Over all - I'm worried that the show is putting too much emphasis on sex in the marriage ... at some point these couple need to know that if one of them can not "perform" due to medical reasons or just the march of time that the marriage has a firm enough foundation to last

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