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Monday, May 07, 2012

File This Under ...

The Killing Of A Nation

Sarkozy is the first incumbent in 30 years not be to re-elected in France

He is the 9th leader in Europe to loose their seat in elections

Hollande, France's new President, has vowed to tax the rich at 75% of their income!

So for every $100,000 they EARN - they get to live on $25,000 of it ... Is that fair?

If you earned $20,000/yr ... I think that's a number most would understand ... You would have to live on $5,000 ...

Could you imagine the outrage that would cause?


As the rich flee the country - how will France pay its bills?

They will have to lower the description of "rich" and will HAVE TO go after the everyday worker...

I think people ought to start doing some real research on what happened to the USSR when they switched systems ...

The corruption ... The workers who weren't motivated (Strossel did a great report on this in the 80s) ... How the people practically starved ...

And how the government IGNORED the plight of the majority of their people

The world would do well to keep an eye on things and not allow another USSR or CCCP ... or even watch for signs of a new nazi government rising ... It's not that far off

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