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Monday, May 07, 2012

Where's Dick Francis Hiding Now?

did you hear about the Kentucky Derby Murder?

I sounds like something straight from the mind of Dick Francis!

I like DF's books - I think he's a good writer and have often read his books more than once ... maybe its the lack of overt sex which seems to be the norm in novels lately (some of them read more like porn than murder-mystery) ... maybe its the horses ...

but this murder sounds like something straight out of one of his novels ...

just hours after the run of the Kentucky Derby, a body was found 4 stalls down from that of the Derby winner's ...

The man was a tracker worker (I read he was one of the tracks trainers) and that he was beaten pretty badly ... he was 48 yrs old and from Guatemala (last name Perez, I can't spell the rest of his name) and they are now saying he was a horse-groom for Caesar Perelle ... Perez has a 19 yr old son who also works at the track ...

the police are claiming that the death has nothing to do with the Derby itself but they do suspect foul play

his body was FOUND at 5am Sunday (the morning after the race) but they haven't said when they think he actually died or how

In fact they are not releasing much yet - but it certainly sounds like its one of his works ...

Now the second question is -- with Churchill Downs actually allow them to release the truth if it does involve the race or the racing scene? What pressure will be brought on the mayor/governor/police commissioner to keep it under wraps?

after all - racing is BIG BUCKS for the state and local governments!

so anything that gives it a "black eye" is not good for jobs or tax revenue

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