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Monday, May 21, 2012

File This Under

Fool Me Once ...

Word came out of Libya that the Lockerbie bomber dies this weekend ... 3 yrs after he was released from a Scottish prison for "humanitarian" reasons

In 2009 they let him go because he was during of cancer and was supposed to only have 3 MONTHS to live ... riiiiiiight

Part of the deal was that he was NOT supposed to get a celebrity welcome, celebration, or life -- because they let him go on a libyan plane he got ALL THREE

I had heard that one of the family members of the crash victims got a text of the news while in church Sunday and admits to thinking it was about time he got what he deserved

Rosemary Mild, who lost her only child in the crash, said on tv that she was greatly relieved at the news of his death

He served only 18 days per life he took! How is that fair? Where was the "humanity" for these families?

About the Bombing/Bomber:
• 270 people were killed
• 189 were Americans
• Remains dealiiest terrorist event on BRITISH soil
• He was the only person convicted of the bombing (I'm not publishing his name here - he won't get that much "celebrity" from me)
• He spent 10 years at the top of the FBIs Most Wanted List
• In July 2011, "he" made his last known appearance at a PRO-Qaddafi rally (gee, go figure)

So how does she feel about all the new TSA rules?

she says "suck it up" because they are just trying to protect us ...

she did mention that Qaddafi was never held accountable for the bombing either - even though he PERSONALLY ordered the bombing to take place ...

The lawsuit that the families filed against Pan-Am was because the airline did NOT follow FAA regulations .... they did not check an unaccompanied suitcase/luggage before loading it on the plane in Frankfurt ... in this case, that bag contained the bomb

I remember the bombing quite well in 1988 - it was a big year for me - it was one of those things you could believe could have happened ....

I remember them finding kids toys along the wreckage trail ... I think I remember seeing a photo of a rescue recovery worker holding a doll of some sort ... so so sad!

Now - I filed this under "Fool Me Once" because ... well come on - do we really believe that he is dead and not just hiding out someplace plotting some other nasty plan?

after all the news came from the same people who said he was supposed to die in 3 months ... 3 years ago

from the same people who promised he wouldn't get a hero's welcome, but then preceded to party up as soon as his plane landed

promised he wouldn't be a celebrity but then paid for everything he needed live and I do believe gave him an award of some sort ...

yeah -- like I'm really going to believe it

Not until I see his body with 280 flags attached to knives sticking out of his rotting corpse!

I'm sorry ...

did that sound harsh?

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