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Friday, May 18, 2012

Economic Education

of one sort or another ...

They have discovered a "kick back" scene happening in schools across the nation

So far schools in:

• CA
• OR
• NV
• MT
• NM
• HI
• IA
• MO
• MS
• KY
• VT
• MA
• NY
• CT
• MD
• DE
• NC

are being looked at

What was happening was the company Sidesco (sp?) was pocketing REBATES which were supposed to go to the SCHOOLS to ease the burden on the food budget ...

The company has agreed to pay back $20 MILLION of it ... If they are willing to give back that much you have to wonder how much they really got from it!

They are also going to start clamping down on people who claim they qualify for the program but really do not

There has also been cases - according to Michael Tanner of the CATO Institute - that they have found school officials taking kick-backs and bribes as well

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