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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reality Check

Barabara Walters this morning read off the name of the 30 states which currently BAN same-sex marriage ...
•DE (marriage banned but civil unions allowed)
•HA (civil unions only, marriage banned)
•IL (civil unions only)
•MA (domestic partnerships only)
•MD (not legal, but recognized if performed in other states)
•MN (coming up for vote this fall)
•NJ (only civil unions)
•NM (no mention yet)
•PA (not voted on yet)
•RI (as civil unions only)
WA state (civil unions only)
WV (not legal)
WY (not legal)

I find it more interesting that for all the posturing of "the majority of Americans suppose this" - that's an awful lot of states that do NOT support it ... and you would think that if there was a majority of people supporting it that the states would pass it ...

Now the President says he came to this conclusion after meeting some of his girls friends' parents who are in committed gay relationships ...

At the risk of sounding like Joy Behar here - lets remember that the girls are attending a very exclusive private school ... So my guess is that the change has less to do with civil rights and more to do with the size of their checkbooks and their influential friends.

Let's also remember that to the massive majority of the world (population-wise that is) the USA is already seen as being ungodly for the way our women dress & act, we allow people to have as many babies as they choose, allow people to keep the money they earn and own private property ... so on top of this we can now add supporting what they consider to be a blasphemous union of people

Wouldn't it be a kick in their pants if we had a female president who was in a gay marriage??

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