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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reality Check

So Obama has announced that he is NOW supporting Gay Marriage ...

Just 3 days before he is supposed to be going to several fundraisers by Hollywood's elite - who also support rather outspokenly the right for homosexuals to marry

After the announcement he received an incredible influx on campaign contributions - he had been hurting to the point of having one of the lowest contribution levels of a presidential re-election campaign - to the tune of $1 - 2 MILLION in just 90 minutes!

Personally I think that (a)he was given a heads-up on the story of Romney's behavior in high school (as a senior, he bullied a kid who everyone presumed was gay ... Not nice) (b)he has nothing to lose since those who are against gay-marriage tend to not be voting for Obama anyhow (c)he is trying to get away with reusing the last campaigns unfulfilled promises - like yesterday's left-overs recreated for today's dinner

The story about Romney's misbehavior in high school will get played up much more in the media than that of Obama's ... although there is a story on Drudge that I need to read yet which speaks about the President having once shoved a girl in high school ... don't expect N.O.W to say anything about it though - they refuse to stand up to this president!

Now this morning it was announced that next week the President of the United States will be on the show -- I was wondering when this will happen ... Expect at least two visits during this campaign by him and NONE by Romney who will only get a half-hearted invite I'm sure ... Although they did have McCain on there during his run as well

Expect this to be nothing more than a campaign stop full of talking points and very controlled questions ...

Don't expect Elizabeth to be able to get a poignant question off or a clear answer back - I'm sure Joy will jump on if it looks like the President is getting tripped up or if she doesn't like the question

I doubt that Whoopi will go after him for his short falls the way she has so many conservative talk show hosts that have been on the show ...

And Sheri - well it will simply be a lovefest - although she might ask about the conservative call-in guest that Fox often has on who came out against women's lib (yes there are a few who believe it has hurt America in the long run) but if Elizabeth mentions Rev Wright, you can bet she will be poo-pooed And booed

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