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Friday, June 08, 2012

Economic Education

Well Obama came to the podium to speak today - his message?

It's not me, it's Europe's fault (and a bit of Asia too)

He even managed to blame The Bush Administration yet again!

Bernanke has said "keep the Bush tax cuts" or we will have issues"

Fmr President Clinton has said "keep the Bush Tax cuts" at least for a while into the new year to help the economy

But still the President and other democrats simply can't see past November

They can't seem to realize that the "tax cuts" they gave us were just taken away by the states and local government as they struggle for income as their coffers shrink as less people pay income taxes

To tell the truth - I was kind of hoping for a President Johnson moment where he would come in and say he was not able to deliver on his promises and therefore was not going to seek reelection ...


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