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Monday, June 25, 2012

Supreme Court Ruling: Immigration Laws

The Supreme Court is not going to release its decision until Thursday on ObamaCare and I think it's to make sure that people pay attention - the media as well - to all the other stuff they are releasing this week and last.

Items such as Immigration Laws -- on the heels of Obama's speech on his usurping the power from congress and ordering the justice department to enforce his version of the Dream Act no matter what the Law Makers said -- comes this decision from the Highest Court which effects the states of:

• GA
• AZ
• UT
• IN
• AL

even though we have all heard it called the "Arizona Immigration Law" each of these states have laws which will be effected

Of the 4 parts of the law brought before the court, only 1 stood ... It sounds like the police CAN ask for proof of being in the country legally if they do it respectfully - but it also sounds like they will not be able to detain and report these LAWBREAKERS (because entering the country illegally is still against the law) to the Justice Department for deportation

Of course not, let them stay so they can qualify for the new Dream Act ... Geez!

But they are saying that even that part that has held up may be challenged at some future time for being discriminatory because of race ...

Now remember that the law does not state which country an illegal is from - and it shouldn't, an illegal from Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, or Timbuktu is just as illegal as one from south of the border (be it Mexico or any of the central American countries or even farther south) - but there are some races that seem to be more concentrated in some locations due to their proximity to their prospective borders or because of the population that's there ...

As long as the law does not SPECIFY a race then I can't see how it can be seen as racist is all I'm saying ...

Since I began to write this post the US government has come out and basically said "SCREW YOU" to AZ

They had - in anticipation of LOSING the case - HAD made plans to work with AZ to have agents ready to come to traffic stops, etc, to take custody of immigrants that we're stopped (and probably drop them over the border of the next state for a promise of a vote ... Joking!) ... BUT with he ruling that AZ was not allowed to actually detain violators for the Feds ...

Now remember that Napolitano (the head of HOMELAND SECURITY) wants to toughen up the CANADIAN border ...

But not the southern one?????

How about ALL of them?

This is so screwed up ...

You remember that group of kids in high school who had no regard for the rules or respect for the teachers and you tried to avoid being near for fear that you'd be their next victim??

They are in charge of the government now, I swear

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