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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Numerology Class

And a bit of history class too:

Past Presidential race
39% Jimmy Carter
32% Ronald Reagan
Gallop Poll
June 1980

39% Ross Perot
31% George HW Bush (Sr.)
25% Bill Clinton
Gallop Poll
June 1992

46% John McCain
45% Barack Obama
Gallop Poll
June 2008

46% Barack Obama
45% Mitt Romney
Gallop Poll
June 3, 2012
MOE +/- 1%

Wow that's a low margin of error -- that makes me suspect there's issues with the sample - it would have to be huge or it would have to be very small to have an error rate so low ...

I think it will come down to whoever Romney chooses for his running mate at this point

Interesting fact:
In the 1960 Presidential race the official candidates were Nixon & Kennedy ... However 15 electoral votes went to a write-in candidate who had not even planned to run - it was just a "grassroots" sort of thing ...
Harry S Byrd (yup, brother of Adm Byrd) took ALL of Mississippi, most of Alabama, and one from Oklahoma!

I bet you didn't even know he existed!
I know I didn't - no one ever talks about him, that's a HUGE amount of electorals for a guy who never even showed up in any polling data that I've found

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