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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Things That Make You Go HMMMM

I could have easily have named this "Your Money At Work" also ...

In NJ, if you don't buckle your dog in the car - it's a $1000 fine!

Ok I can see where if you are having a dog run around in the car its a distraction .... I've been in an accident where a leashed dog has bounced up and hit me, hard, and if I were driving it could have been really bad ...


This bill also covers dogs who stick their heads out the window!
"We're not talking about dogs who will lay down nicely on the back seat. We're talking about cute lapdogs that sit on your lap and look like they are literally driving the car - or other dogs who hang so far out the window they could leap"
Elyse Coffey
NJ motor vehicle commissions

the law applies to cats as well ... {Note 1}

In contrast though - for having a person not buckled up in NJ?

$46 (1st offense)

NOTE 1: As it should, I'm tired of cat owners getting away with what dog owners can't ... No one makes a cat owner put a leash on when they put the cat out, but if a dog attacks it wandering in it's backyard it's the dogs fault ... Cat owners don't have to license the cat so they don't get picked up by the pound ... No one checks rabies tags on cats unless they've attacked someone ... And cat owners don't have to pick up their cat doo-doo even though they've done it on a neighbors floor bed (happened to a family friend growing up - ruined her flower bed!)

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