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Monday, June 04, 2012

Things that make you go HMMMM

Read this conversation:
P1: In my account do I have at least $100?
P2: No.

P1: How close am I?
P2: $8. $8.60

P1: Really? So total everything how much are we looking at?
P2: Like $155

So what do you think of this conversation?

Is it someone talking about how little money they have in a bank account?

or is it someone speaking in "code" to try to get a better rate on something?

The prosecutors in FL are saying it is code between Shelly Zimmerman and George Zimmerman, the man who admits to shooting Trayvon (do we really need a last name?)

they are being accused of speaking in code to get a better deal for a bond for bail ...

the judge apparently agreed with the prosecution and ordered Zimmerman back in jail -- where I'm sure he will be getting the best protection so he doesn't get killed there.

they figure the conversation above was about online donations because that is what was in that bank account at the time ...

but that doesn't make sense to me either though because if there was that much in there and they were speaking in code, then why wouldn't she have said out right that there was $155 in the acct instead of $8.60?

I mean is it so unbelievable that someone couldn't have just $8 in their account? Let me tell you, it happens a lot more than people might believe!

and the question put to Zimmerman's wife in court was "what funds do you have that you could easily access " ... how easy was it for them to access that money? was the account for that money in their name or a trust acct in the law firms name?

there's a lot more questions here than answers ....

the worst part of this whole incident??

the judge appears to have already taken sides ...

this is the same judge which will be deciding whether it was murder or self-defense

Are judges in FL appointed or voted in? and if voted in, where did the contributions for this judge come from?

its an interesting question, really ...

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