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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things That Make You Go HMMMM ...

This is for all those single people I used to work with that botched & moaned everyone I got part of a day off ... Or complained because some coworker with a sick kid had to stay home and get a "free day" ... Or whined because we parents got a discount on our child care that worked for the company ...

Eat This:

• Married People spend 36 minutes more at work each DAY (I'm guessing more than that)

• Married people spend 40 minutes a day more doing household chores (no word if this is because they are picking up after the kids)

• Married people spend 26 minutes less a DAY on person care & sleep

• married people spend 50 minutes less a day on exercise (they aren't counting running to catch your 2 yr old who pulled off her diaper and is streaking down the street, I guess)


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