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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things That Make You Go HMMMM

Election 2012

The spending for ads this summer will be about $54million (Romney) vs $56million (Obama) ... But the difference is where the money is coming from

While the majority of Obama's ads will be paid for by his own campaign ... over 2/3rds of the money - Romney will have just the opposite where 2/3rds of his ads will be paid for by supporters

This will allow Romney to save up funds for a bigger push towards the election itself

Obama they say is being forced to attend "small" fundraisers where he is lucky to get $500,000 for his troubles.

With the way the democrats are abandoning the national convention where obama will officially get the party nomination - you have to wonder of the party won't pull a fast one at the last minute and put someone else up for president instead - especially with the many gaffs as he has had lately...

Or if they are willing to risk having their own version of Nixon, a president who doesn't finish his second term in hopes of winning another term for his replacement (oh lord don't let it be the goofball he has now ... Although Biden would make a good Ford)

Things are flipping back and forth to on the electoral front as well with 8 more states leaning towards Romney (pre-supreme court rulings) and 3 more for Obama ... Experts predict that the heavily Hispanic states along the border will more likely swing towards Obama after the ruling, but I wonder how it will really effect the votes

It will be a hard pill for all of the native born Americans who struggle for jobs & benefits to swallow as this will effect the competition for what few jobs are out there ...

The thing is Obama had nothing to lose by supporting backdoor amnesty, but Romney has everything to lose if he comes down hard on one side or the other at this stage of the game.

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