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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The View: Sen. Edwards' Mistress

Hell, I ain't pulling punches here - that's what Rielle Hunter was!


I finally got around to watching the Delusional One on the show this morning ...

First - she and John Edwards have broken up ... She says it's mutual, my understanding is she really trashed Elizabeth Edwards in the book and continues to do so in interviews ... there have also been rumors that he feels betrayed and that the book will only hurt his family farther

She seemed to indicate that she feels it was only a temporary break-up ...
" ... We both agree it's best for us - at this time ..."

And I've got to say, she has the same arrogance that all the women I've known who have KNOWINGLY had affairs with married men have had.

I have known several but two stand out in this case - one was my aunt who knowingly was mistress to several married men (not all at once) and the other was a former coworker who seemed to prefer being the other woman because the majority of guys she went with she knew were married (and she did go out with more than one at a time)

They all share the same mind set of "If It Wasn't Me It Would Have Been Someone Else, So Don't Blame Me" and "There Was Something Wrong With The Marriage To Begin With"

All see themselves as innocent victims of every women's scorn ... and they can't understand how other women can look down upon them.

she doesn't even see herself as a mistress, she sees herself as a mom ... She doesn't see herself as both

The interesting quote of the segments
"I don't think that's right to do that [cheating on ones spouse]... I'm not a big believer in infidelity"


You are making a career BASED on infidelity!

Hasselbeck made a valid point that while Hunter was PREGNANT - John Edwards RENEWED his vows to his wife ... so how could she put faith in a man who could be so duplicitous (elizabeth's word) with not only his family but the nation as well (whoopi's point) - Mistress Hunter's response? She doesn't trust people outside of herself (this shows a truthism that everyone missed, I'll explain at the end)

She claimed that when Edwards denied the baby was his it was the "most devastating moment of my life".

Another good quote that shows her TRUE CHARACTER - on Andrew Young stepping up and saying the baby was really his (the cover-up):
" ... It's the only time in my life I've gone down a road that I knew was the wrong road to go on before I went on it ...

which means SHE didn't feel being a mistress was WRONG?? Or getting pregnant in that situation was WRONG?

I have to say though the it was quite interesting to see the look on her face when Barbara Walters confronted her about some LIES she wrote in the book about Barbara!

In the book Hunter said Walters screamed at her her and bullied her about doing an interview on Oprah!

Hunter looked upset that Barbara brought it up - and you could see the LIES forming in her head as she listened ... Hunter claimed it was set off by pictures in GQ magazine - Walters said she could care less about photos and she has done hundreds of interviews and lost several dozen and she has never screamed or bullied someone over it ... Rielle says that she remembers the event differently.

Now the Truthism of Rielle's statement of not trusting outside herself ...

This was an ANCHOR BABY ... A way to nearly guarantee the break up of his marriage - which I'm sure she hoped meant he would go to her because of the child - To tie her forever to the man she loved at the very least ... And make her a celebrity for he rest of her life!

Let's also remember the statement she made about going down paths she knew was wrong -- this is a calculating woman! She admitted as much with that statement and it's pretty implied by her actions

Edwards - the man she claims said he was having affairs with lots of women - would not have risked getting one of them pregnant by having unprotected sex unless he felt the woman had taken precautions with birth control ... Although I suppose he was stupid enough to risk catching some disease by having unprotected sex ...

So my guess is he thought "somehow" that she was using birth control ... When she wasn't really ... HMMM wonder how that happened?

When he didn't leave his wife during the campaign - didn't run to marry her after his marriage fell apart and the truth came out - didn't marry her after his wife passed away -



When he still didn't come to her on vended knee -


Tell all book!

But she "loves him deeply" and she doesn't want to hurt the children ... and in HER mind this could be true - women who are mistresses, with an eye on the guy leaving his wife, are often this delusional ... they really don't see how their actions are the exact opposite.

She wants us to feel sorry for her ...

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