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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Things That Make You Go HMMMMM

Remember how the President said that we didn't need NASA anymore and we could out-source our space program to other countries?

(notice how no one speaks about all those jobs going over seas?)

Well China just had their first woman come back from space ... A couple of things I'm betting the President didn't take into consideration:

1)the US space program is was the only space program to land in the ocean, everyone else lands on LAND! NASA did this ONCE and it resulted in no survivors

2)for their "welcome home" gift, the Chinese astronauts get .... LAWN CHAIRS! NASA astronauts got an RV/trailer home to rest in and get exams


Glad we can save all that money not having our own space program ...

Considering that the Russian space station is/was held together with pretty much duct-tape & bubblegum ... I'm not so sure this is a good deal ...

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