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Thursday, July 05, 2012

In Their Own Words

The Democrats are very successful at the finger pointing and saying "see - that person flip-flopped!"

well in their own words ... remember the PRESIDENT and both houses of the Democratic led CONGRESS said that health care reform, in particular the individual mandate, was NOT a TAX and that NO ONE earning less than $250,000 would see any sort of a tax increase ....

Here is how "OBAMA'S LAWYER" ((actually its the US attorney, the one who speaks on behave of the government and Congress)) argued the governments RIGHT to pass this Act:
it is "A tax law ... fully integrated into the tax system .... [that] triggers .... tax consequences for non - compliance."
The Law "imposes a tax liability .... [and] tax penalties on non-exempted individuals ..."
The "penalty operates to increase the paxpayer's total tax liability .... [and[ is valid not only as a tax in its own right, but also as an adjunct to the income tax."
Obama Administrative Brief To Supreme Court
So for any of those out there who thinks that Chief Justice Roberts gave the administrations lawyers the heads up as to which way to argue this case ... I think you can see that the White House was already calling it a TAX even while they where whispering in our ear while reaching up our skirts "its okay baby, its not a tax" ....

The Courts majority decision said what about this? (this was read aloud so I may miss where some redactions begins/end)
"... the funds-due, refered to as a penalty, do not alter their essential characteristics as taxes ... if the concept of a penalty means anything, it means punishment for an unlawful act or admission, and since failure to have health care insurance is NOT unlawful, therefore, it is "a tax on those who do not have health insurance"

It gets better ... in RECORDINGS from the Supreme Court hearing, Chief Justice Roberts took the Federal lawyer, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr, to task:
CJR: why didn't Congress call it a tax then?
SGV: well ...
CJR: are you telling me then that they thought of it as a tax, they defended it on the tax power, why didn't they say it was a tax?
SGV: they might have thought, Your Honor, that calling it a "penalty" as they did would make it more effective in accomplishing its objectives but it is in the Internal Revenue Code, it is collected by the IRS on April 15th"

I do have an issue with how many dot-dot-dots there are in this particular quote which I found -- a lot of "sins" and truths can be hidden in those dot-dot-dots. but since lawyers are NOTORIOUS for using such devices, one would think that before such a breif goes before the Supreme Court they lawyers would have looked to see how a redaction might have looked while still keeping a grain of truth within them.

I saw a cartoon which attacked the Tea Party for not wanting the HCA by stating that the only places in the word without universal healthcare are Communist China and all of Africa ... implying that if you don't believe in healthcare you believe in oppressive regimes.

The Administration also loves to point to the Mass. Health Care which Romney helped to put in place and say "see he's for it" ... but they fail to mention that it is on a STATE LEVEL which would be perfectly LEGAL under the United States Constitution since such issues as insurance falls under States Rights not Federal {and I blame the Conservatives for letting that whole argument slide}

WOW - right after I typed that, a conservative legal analyst actually used that argument (states rights) and was SNICKERED at by the liberal legal analyst -- I'm not sure which is more stunning ... the fact that the conservatives are finally starting to understand it, or the fact that the liberals are willing to ignore those Rights too just to get what they want ...

which in my mind is more of our money to push through more dependence on government programs ...

want an idea of what you will be in for?

here is a clip from a prepper lady who I have corresponded with (ok, I comment on her videos, she writes back) quite a few times ... she is up in Canada:

Now before anyone starts going "oh its one of those crazy prepper people I've seen on TV" -- Bev, TheMrsVolfie, is actually quite down to earth, at least thats the feeling I get from her ... don't believe me? check out her videos ... I think the most "radical" Ive see on her channel is the slaughtering of her own animals - but if thats radical, then there are an AWFUL lot of radicals in this world.

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