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Friday, July 06, 2012

To Deport or Not To Deport

Well Justin Beiber has been chatting with the police again -- this time about going 100 mph on a CA freeway ... Did I mention that he was weaving in and out of traffic at that speed too (apparently)

A city council member saw it, well that is he was on the freeway at the time and had his life put at risk by this behavior, and called 911 to get the cops involved - the council member is a former police officer himself.

Bieber's people are saying that the council member simply wants publicity for himself and it's much ado about nothing


Now let's take a look at B-boy's behavior lately:

In May he had the cops called on him for shoving a photog ... Of course the photog says he was punched

Last month he appeared on "Late night with David Letterman" sporting a new tattoo - it looked like some barbed wire thing - but when Letterman touched it (okay it was more of a pinch) Bieber whined that it was "new" ... If you're gonna get a tat, dude, you've got to man-up ... Maybe they can tat a pair on you.

Now he's had this run in ...

I thought ca had a three strikes rule?

Oh wait ....

This is the same state that can't take care of the Linsey Lohan issue ... Or the Paris Hilton issue ... or the Shannon Dorhaughty (sp?) issue - although she's been keeping a low profile lately ...

Still-- didn't Napolitano and the President say they would deport immigrants if they Broke the law?


My kids ask .... PLEASE

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