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Monday, July 23, 2012

What he had

Over the last FOUR MONTHS this guy bought the following:

• 2 Glocks (from 2 seperate stores)
• 870 Winchester shotgun
• AR-15 assault rifle
• 6,000 rounds of ammunition
• Kevlar helmet
• gas mask
• bullet-proof vest (military style by the sounds of it)
• bullet-proof leggings
• neck & groin protectors

Now there is a call for a centralized department to check if people are amassing fire-arms at the very least ...


Don't they realize that all this will do is keep weapons out of the hands of the good guys? The bad guys can get all the guns they want

Let's do some math ...

6000 rounds -:- 4 months = 1500 rounds a month
1500 -:- 4 weeks to a month = 375 rounds a week
375 -:- 20 shots to a clip = 18.75 clips of ammo

That is not unusual to use that much at a gun range if you are going twice a week ... About 9 clips emptied ... Although there is a certain percentage of the ammo which will be unusable for one reason or another ... This varies - it could be the gun, it could be the bullet casing, it could be a misloaded weapon ...

I hear people refer to arming citizens as the Dark Ages ... Ummm, during the Dark Ages the military had the weapons, the people had sticks

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