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Monday, August 13, 2012

Things That Make You Go HMMMM.....

Hope you didn't think Holder was out of trouble yet ... I've been away on vacation but this caught my ear today:

"Declare that the Attorney General's (Eric Holder) failure to produce to the Oversight Committee any documents so identified is without legal justification and violates the Attorney General's legal obligations to the Committee."
U.S. District Court for DC
case #1:12-CV-1332;

"No Court has ever held that 'executive privilege' extends anywhere near as far as the Attorney General here contends that it does ... the Attorney General's conception of the reach of 'Executive privilege,' were it to be accepted, would cripple congressional oversight of the Executive branch agencies ... "
(from the same court briefing as above)

the congress hearings committee WILL be filing "Contempt of Congress" charges against him - and ask a judge to FORCE Holder to release key documents surrounding the Fast&Furious gun fiasco.

So what was Holders opinion of the "standoff" between Congress and the JusDept?

" ... I had hoped that congressional leaders would be good-faith partners in this war, and some were, others however have devoted their time and their attention to making reckless charges - unsupported by fact and to advancing truly absurd, truly absurd conspiracy theories."
(no date given for this quote, but it was after the committee hearings)

LOL - the problem is - none of this will matter because none of this will likely even be looked at until AFTER the election, and it certainly looks like Obama wont be doing anything about it.

in fact he seems to be encouraging it ...

although by the sounds of it ....

this may have started during the BUSH presidency ... so it might spray back on him ...

this is certainly going to be a manure spreader ...

ever walk behind a manure spreader?

neither have I but hubby has ... even the one spreading it gets hit by crap.

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