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Friday, August 10, 2012

Zimmerman Screw Up (or was it?)

For those who think the release of Zimmerman's transcripts and the grainy photo of he kid who attacked him (there were witnesses to that part) were just an accident ... Think again

By releasing the transcripts the prosecution can say he lied about graduating from community college ... But if you take a close look at the counselors notes you will see that he asked about not getting a letter about graduation tickets - and the counselor said he would get him those ASAP .. Not that he didn't qualify for graduation ... In fact the only mention about it was a couple of meetings before ...

But the prosecution will be painting Zimmerman as a Wanna-Be ... As someone who took the law into his own hands because he felt he had the "right to" that he felt he had the training ...

They will paint the shooting as a struggle over the gun and not self defense ... They will paint it as Zimmerman putting himself into the situation - never mind the fact that Zimmerman was walking away when he says he was attacked from behind or that he was being beaten into the concrete sidewalk ... and yes there is at least one witness to that part ...

Everyone keeps making hay over the fact that he did not claim the online contributions - but if it was specified that it was to help with his "legal defense" they may not have realized that it counted towards funds available for bail ... They may have thought it was ONLY for paying the lawyer or for their living expenses during the trial.

Either way I suppose they should have mentioned it - but surely his lawyer must have known about the funds as well ... if the court needed to know about them, don't you think HE would have said something?

Wow - they are really trying to taint the jury pool across the state/nation so that a change of venue and an impartial jury will be impossible ... They will have to have a trial by judge only - and then the prosecution will be able to get either a judge who is very anti-gun, someone who is afraid of the voters and will let public opinion sway him, or even someone who wants to be in the limelight so much that he will let buffoonery go on int the court room the way the one for the Casey Anthony trial did.

And remember - this is the state that let Casey Anthony go free ....

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