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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


So I was reading a news article - yes I do get news from sources other than Fox news - and it was talking about health insurance ....

The story was looking at some of the rebates Minnesotans will be getting from insurance companies because of a bill passed through the efforts of Sen Al Frankenstein Franken, but instead of the money going back to the people who paid it goes back to companies in hopes that it will stave off higher premiums later (riiiiiiiight)

This only effects healthcare plans which don't spend at least 80% of the money they get on paying health bills AND also send less than 20% on executive bonuses/salaries ...

Anyhow - that's not what got the "wtf" at the beginning ....

They interviewed a small business owner who received a bill for a 7% increase in his rates ...

During the interview a couple things were revealed:

He wanted to get the small-business deal that Obama promised ... Remember his promises? But in order to QUALIFY for this lower insurance that is better for him and his employees he will have to:
A) cut his manager's salary by 1/3
B) he will have to cut ALL employees wages so that they are earning BELOW THE POVERTY LINE

Yeah ...

So in order to get the plan that Obama promised he will have to screw over his workers!

How's that CHANGE working for you now???

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