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Friday, August 10, 2012

Get Ready ...

Okay so here's the vibe I'm getting from the news agencies now ...

According to one report he 2012 election will come down to about 500 votes (get ready for some democratic shenanigans) ...

Military officials are being told to prepare for an all-out Civil War against Americans by the year 2018 ... That would be the end of the next term ... I'm guessing some word will come out about Obama's past or people will finally get fed up with all his shenanigans ...

Biden will again be Obama's running mate ... Why not? It's the safest way to be sure no one will impeach him - nobody wants Biden as president

Military type drones are being used already to find possible threats to the Obama government ... Boeing has even show-cases one that act and seem like a flock of insects ... Those may not be grasshoppers in your yard!

Food prices will continue to rise making it harder and harder to buy food with cash or check so more people will be forced to charge their food to survive and then they will have to pay rolling interest on that same food - you can't win if you live in the city ...

Taxes will kill the upper class .. The middle class will become the new upper class and they will also be taxed out of their minds -- look at France which plans to tax their rich at 75%

Get ready ...

To kiss your freedoms goodbye

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