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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Election 2012

CO_____OH _____ VA
48.3%__ 48.8% __49.6%. president Obama
46.0%__ 44.7% __45.1% Governor Romney
Real Clear Politics Averages
CO: 9/9-9/23
VA:9/9-9/1 [sic]
VA: 9/11-9/19

What? No margin of errors?
No dates for OH? Did they pull those numbers out of their butts?

Actually they are finding that the models used to get these numbers are heavily skewed based on the unusual numbers of people voting in the lasYt election ...

This means that they are "assuming" that there will be more young people than elderly who will vote, that more Dems will vote early than republicans on election night, and that minorities will come out in droves ... Or maybe that they will be able to INTIMIDATE people from voting again with help from the New black Panthers like they were accused of doing last time

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