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Monday, September 24, 2012

Election 2012

33 states offer some sort of Early Voting
2012: 8 states will allow "in-person early voting"
By Election Day, +45Million are expected to have already voted = a RECORD number
More Republicans than Democrats make it to the polls on Election days
HALF the votes will come in early in most of the "battleground" states
More Democrats than Republicans "early vote" or "absentee vote"

States with Early Voting:
@ North Carolina
@ Florida
@ Colorado
@ Nevada
@ Ohio
@ Iowa

30% of ALL votes, were cast before election day (includes "absentee" ballots)
1.7 Million voters cast "Early Ballots" in OH making up 30% of all votes cast


Now see THIS is where you really want to have voter ID .... if you show up at the polls to vote and they have record that you have all ready voted (in my state by absentee) then the vote you do on Election night takes precedence BUT both votes are set aside until they can verify you are who you say you are.

There is even some places that will count BOTH votes until they figure things out ... this can give some places more votes than voters but because the population of the city/area is so large the numbers still "work out" so they aren't too worried about it.

Another issue is that large cities, where you have more people on federal funds - and yes, Romney is right, those people would NEVER think of voting for him - is they get a higher visibility on Election night when they start announcing results ...

in most states, if you are IN LINE at poll closing time, you get to vote - a election judge is posted at the end of the line to make sure no one else jumps on after time (no saving spots either) and every one gets an equal chance to vote ...

in our big cities, it is not unusual to see an increase of stolen utility bills around election time -- because they can be used as a form of ID to vote ... so ONE PERSON can go to several neighborhoods and actually vote under the name of several people ... as long as they are not spotted by a "neighbor" who might dispute their ID or have the person show up ..

if there is a dispute - the person is allowed to vote in our state, yes the vote gets counted - and then they try to determine afterwards which vote it more than likely was ... its stupid ... and i'm betting its the same in several states.

but there are several problems in my state when it comes to Election Night - much of which I was not aware of until I started looking into the "education" the election judges get.

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