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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Economic Education

Well wall street is trying to cover up the butt-f*ck that is going on today

DOW is down 250 points!

They are claiming it is because of 6 stocks being hit ... One of which is Apple Corp, who is supposed to be releasing a smaller version of the iPad to compete with the the kindle fire ...

They are trying their best not to link it to last night's debate ... But it isn't lost on me at least

Debate 1: Romney did well, Obama bombed ... Stocks soared the next day

Debate 2: Romney did well, Obama did better but by morning Fact Checkers tarnished his performance ... Stocks did well

Debate 3: Ryan did great, Biden came off as condescending ... Stocks did good

Polls moved to put Romney ahead in many swing states -- stock market did wonderful

Debate 4: Romney didn't do so well, Obama came across as aggressive and, to some, disrespectful ... STOCKS TANK!

Let's understand what's happening here ...

Wall street feels that Romney is the one who will get this nation back in it's feet, not Obama

And it isn't just a case of "the rich" liking a rich guy ... It's a case of them believing that Romney will bring an atmosphere that will help the economy grow (which, yes, in return will line their pockets)

When it looks like Obama did better -- BOOM! economic slow down ...

It's not just a coincidence ...

And it's not just because of 6 stocks ...

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