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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Foot In Mouth Disease

I know many will not think of this as a FIM moment but I do:
" ... You wake up on Election Day—you might have a cold, babysitter gets sick, it’s raining, car broke down, I mean I could go on—toilet overflowing,” she said, to a laughing audience. “There are so many ways to mess up a day when you don’t have a lot of time.”

That was the First Lady giving her reasons for early voting ...

Ummmm - NONE of which are really good reasons to vote early instead of waiting until election day ...

Rain? Will you melt if you get wet? Will it make you unable to GET to the polls?

Babysitter gets sick? Guess what? CHILDREN CAN GO TO THE POLLS too ... They won't turn you away because you've got a bundle of kids in tow

A Cold??? REALLY? I have never had a Cold keep me from voting ... Flu with a fever, maybe, but never just a cold.

Car broke down ... The ONLY real excuse she mentioned ... A broken car might keep you from voting if it broke down out of your neighborhood - you might not be able to get to your polling place ... During the 12 hours they give you for voting ...

Polls open before 8am .... close at 8pm .... but a busted car at work - yeah that might stop you

Generally they are within walking distance of your home ... In some of the smaller towns you might have to drive there ....

I know in our city we only have ONE polling spot, during years when there are city matters on the ballot we can walk there but if there isn't we have to drive to the CITY NEXT DOOR to vote ... We have people in our city who have to drive no matter where it's at ...

BUT to ENCOURAGE using early voting (not absentee voting) for trivial reasons is ... LAZY!

I mean what kind of whoosies have we become when RAIN keeps us from voting?


So I guess there won't be any photo-ops this year of the President & First Lady going/coming from the booth ...


Golf game?
Polishing the crowns? oops ... I may not like him, but he is still the President and deserves the honor of the job ... I guess ...

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