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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Election 2012

Wow I almost missed this bit of info ... And I'm betting the Unions did as well ...

The President issued a "guidance" on Friday which basically gaving companies who contract with the government - which MUST be unionized jobs - a "hall pass" on LAY OFF NOTICES


Under LAW, these contractors have to give 60 days notice to workers because of contract cancellations with the government and still get GOVERNMENT REIMBURSEMENT for the severance packages ...

Because of the 60 days required BY LAW the notices would legally/legitimately occur 4 DAYS before the election

By giving this "pass" he is in a way allowing these contractors to not only breaking the law - but he is PAYING for the "cover up" ... and using TAXPAYER MONEY to do it with!

Interesting ...

Impeachable offense?
Think he'd keep the "promise"?

Wonder what the AFL/CIO will have to say about it?

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