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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Election 2012

"Concerning the fun parts of his job, Barack Obama resembles the Energizer Bunny. If there are crowds to wow, entertainers to schmooze or donors to pitch, Obama is Johnny-on-the-Spot. Too bad Obama's sparks stop flying when it comes time for the serious, heavy lifting of the presidency."
Deroy Murdock
National Review Online
2 October 2012

So why would he say this?

Presidential Daily Brief:
presidents sit down with heads of CIA, FBI, NSA, NatDefense, etc - they discuss issue that are happening locally and abroad ... like Libya ...

Jan 2009 - May 31, 2012
he did not show up for over HALF those meetings

so far in 2012 (1JAN-31MAY)

in these skipped meetings he simply took the booklet the experts prepared and parroosed it in the private quarters.

number of daily briefs looked at by President Obama the week before the Libyan Embassy incident

the day after the attacks he SKIPPED the daily brief because he was headed to
for a fundraiser

he also skipped the 3 meetings after that as well

according to Deroy Murdock
by contrast:

Bush attended ALL these meetings

now can you imagine what would have happened if he had missed one before a major incident like Libya???

heck, look what happened with Katrina and he wanted to send in aid but couldn't because of the way they system was set up!
total meetings since Jan12012

like this is a big surprise

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