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Friday, November 02, 2012

Economic Education

New Unemployment numbers ...


But this number is SUSPECT because ADP last week cut what the federal government claimed was the new jobs created number ...

Cut it by HALF

This means that the government played with the numbers and counted jobs that really weren't there! Or they counted temp jobs as permanent jobs ... Or (and this is most likely) they counted the same person more than once because while the POSITION may have been created, one person was doing more than one job ...

Kind of like when you see one of those big wigs with all those titles like CEO, CFO, CCO, EIEIO after their name ... Well it looks like he government may have counted EACH title as a separate job ... Now "job creation" is easy ...

I am CKC (chief kitchen cook) & HBW (head bottle washer) as well as head purchasing agent & receptionist (although I'm sure there's a fancier name) for our farm ..

Oh look - I've created four jobs ...

No but seriously ... If this is what's going on ... and really, don't we all know that's what's really going on? ... If that's what's going on then we are in for a ruder awakening than the Great Depression or Carter's Inflation ...

We are in for a crisis as big as Greece!

And the question truly is:

When Romney gets in and sees the mess left by the others ... Will he tell the American people, or simply keep us in the dark for our own goods?

We will have to see ...

More info to come

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