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Friday, November 02, 2012

Economic Education

7.9% unemployment

Highest unemployment number an incumbent has had to go into an election with {I suspect they've played with the numbers}

New Jobs number
(federal number, but ADP {the check printing place} says they have he number at HALF that)

Monthly rates for 2012:
275,000 Jan
259,000 Feb
143,000 Mar
_66,000 Apr
_67,000 May
_45,000 Jun
181,000 Jul
142,000 Aug
114,000 Sep
171,000 Oct

WOW - putting it that way really calls the numbers into question ... Why the huge dip when the campaign season kicked off if the WH wasn't being distracted?

12.3 million Americans unemployed (that's what that 7.9% means)

813,000 people have stopped LOOKING for work (maybe for this month, but I'm guessing the real number is 5-10 times that)

8.3 million people working Part Time because they can't find a Full Time job (see previous post on double counting)

Jobs added jobs for 25 straight months {WHERE?}

While the stock markets looks like it's back to "before crisis" levels ... You have to wonder who's in the market because regular people don't have the funds to put in there - so that would mean it's either federal stimulus money giving us a false sense of security or it's the rich getting richer which what Obama was fighting against, wasn't it?

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