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Friday, November 16, 2012

Economic Education

Well for all he promises we've gotten concerning the rise in jobs, economic growth, and consumer confidence - that isn't going to be the case for long since the following companies are about to have a real big issue with having more than 50 employees and HAVING to provide the government mandated health care levels for them:

§ Papa Johns Pizza (employees will be cut to less than 30 hrs/wk or layoff more)
§ Denny's (will charge 5% surcharge on bills & reduce employee hours/layoff)
§ Walmart (employees to pay +30% in premiums)
§ Methodist Medical Center
§ Aetna
§ Blue Cross Blue Shield (irony, they are one of the companies that MEET the law)
§ Kaiser Permanente
§ Community Medical Centers
§ HealthMarkets
§ Tidewell Hospice
§ Beaumont Hospitals
§ Abbott Labratories
§ Lutheran Medical Center
§ Piedmont Health Center
§ St Francis Medical Center
§ Northwest Community Healthcare
§ Mountain States Health Alliance
§ Metronic
§ Nebraska Medical Center
§ Mercy Health System
§ UCSF Medical Center (University of CA - San Fransisco?)
§ Applebee"s
§ Welch Alllyn
§ Dana Holding Corp
§ Stryker
§ Boston Science
§ Smith & Nephew

The owner of one Denny chain says that if he had to pay the $5000 fine for each employees then it would cost him $175,000 for just ONE SINGLE restaurant, and none of his restaurants make that much in a year. He would take a loss ... he will have no choice but to CUT HOURS & RAISE PRICES

Actually the irony is -- the majority of the businesses about are in the HEALTH CARE BUSINESS in some form or another.

So what will be the outcome?


Less money in the economic stream

more people needing to get their OWN health care or be fined by the IRS

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