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Friday, November 16, 2012

NatGeo Prepper Facts


Fukashima plant meltdown in 2012 caused mass evacuations within 18 miles of the plant - in the US, more than 18 million live within 20 miles of a nuclear facility

there are 65 nuclear plants in the USA

`most nuclear reactors are built to withstand an impact of a Boeing 707,but not larger modern jets.

Rule of Three:
• You can survive 3 minutes without air
• you can survive 3 hours without shlter
• you can survive 3 days without water
• you can survive 3 weeks without food

NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Cleveland, and Detrot all get drinking warer from within 50 miles of a nuclear facility

single hen can lay 250 eggs a year
12 chickens can lay 3,000 eggs a year

In July 2012, an 82 yr old nun and 2 other people infiltrated a high security zone at the Oak ridge nuclear plant in TN

.22 caliber is the easiest attainable ammunition


In2011, 753 tornadoes hit the US just in the month of April (ranging from EF0-5) - the most ever recorded in a single month *** Note1

Tornadoes have been documented in every state in America, and on every continent but Antarcitca (no word if this is due to lack of equipment to look for it there, or if the air is just so stable that they dont have them - no hot air to rise up)

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US, no stats for the world were given. More than 8% of Americans suffer diabetes (about 26 million Americans)

The Joplin, MO tonado of 2011 was the 7th deadliest on record, killing at least 160

Diabetics need high protein, low-carbohydrate diets - making it tougher to build a pantry **NOTE2

Insulin must be refrigerated, without it supplies would spoil in less than 1 month depending on conditions.

5ft underground, the temp is always 50-55F; USDA recommends you keep your refrigerator at 40F but above 34F.

The number of Ef3 - EF5 tornadoes, in the past 20 years, is 37.5 (an average) ... there has been NO INCREASE in numbers or intensity during that time.


"sea levels are already rising faster than they have in the last 2000 years" **NOTE3

Greenland has 8% of all the fresh water ice in the world

In July 2012, NASA satellite observed surface ice melting over 97% of the Greenland Iceland sheet ... This is NOT the same as 97% of Greenland's ice is melting - BIG difference there!

If the whole of Greenland's ice sheet melts, the world sea level COULD rise as much as 20 feet - just a 3 foot rise would wipe out most coastal areas.

Americans dispose of 28 billion bottles and jars every year. (mostly beer & wine bottles, prepared food jars)

This is the show not me, attempt AT YOUR OWN RISK if you chose to --
" you can purify water filtered water in a clear plastic bottle with sunlight by placing it sideways on heavy-duty aluminum foil for 6 hours "

Average person loses 8 - 10 cups of water each day just breathing, sweating, and going to the bathroom. **NOTE 4

Some farms ( NOT MINE) use human waste on crops, but by law, must be heavily treated first. **NOTE 5

On average, venomous snakebites kill 1 - 2 people in just TX each year. Bites by the Diamondback kill more people each year in the US than any other snake ... After the bite, it's venom will instantly start to destroy blood cells.

Snakes are cold-blooded and GENERALLY wait out the hot weather f the day in shady spots, and come out at night to hunt.

Diamondbacks tend to hang-out in pairs

of the 2,400 different kinds of snakes, only 270 are dangerous to humans.

Diamondbacks have 1/2 the calories & 1/3 the fat of a similar portion of beef

My 2 cents worth ...
Note1: this number isnt as significant as they make it sound ... according to the AWS the number of EF3-EF5 tornadoes has not significantly changed since record keeping began - most of the increase is due to less violent tornadoes which are just being better spotted, reported, assessed than before. the original record keeping was done only for the largest tornadoes since they were the ones which showed up on the old military radar systems, as advancements in radar systems have happened there has been an increase of radar-indicated tornadoes. the use of helicopters to fly over damage sights has also effected the number of tornado confirmations. Since one of the largest factors in judging the EF factor of a tornado is damage costs, this of course will raise up part of the assessment of a tornado depending on where it hits and the economics of the times.

Note 2: the husband says "this is the most humane way to do it" about killing the chicken ... ummm .... I don't think so - the man drove a nail through the birds head before he killed it! I have seen much better ways that involve a metal rod and a single pull ... then there is the simple (traditional) act of simply laying the chicken sideways and chopping its head off. No matter what you do, the headless bird is going to flop around - while the bird is technically dead, it takes a while for the neurological impulses to stop. I know this is gross, but it needed to be said.

NOTE 3: this a quote from the show ... They do not mention that we really don't KNOW what the levels were because - well frankly - we didn't HAVE MEASUREMENTS FOR THE OCEANS! So the data they are using is anecdotal and estimated, whereas the data from the year 2000+ are more accurate based on actual data collection. Also, they do not take into account the increased amount of underwater volcanic activity in the oceans which will also change perceived levels (all that magma isn't popcorn&milk, you know)

NOTE 4: and I thought you lost weight at the gym from losing fat ... Nope, you're dehydrating!

NOTE 5: since they do not need to DECLARE the use of human poo as fertilizer, it's just another really good reason to wash the things you buy from the store ... Or better yet, GROW YOUR OWN!

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