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Friday, November 30, 2012

Economic Education

So what is the Presidents solutions for the "Fiscal Cliff" we're all headed for?

• $1.6 Trillion in new taxes
• $50 Billion in new Stimulus package
• new EXECUTIVE POWER to raise Debt limit

Now realize that there us just NO WAY to get that $1.6 trillion just by raising taxes on the upper 1% of Americans or cutting out any Loop Holes they have... This means he will have to tax MIDDLE-CLASS Americans too.

And -well- you know the last two Stimulus Packages did so "well" for our economy ... Why not do another one? After all we've had such great job growth from them ... Just ask any one who worked for Solindra!

I think the most interesting piece is the Executive Powers he wants ...

It would in for the most part allow him to STEP ASIDE the Checks and Balances set forth by our Forefathers to prevent CORRUPTION in the highest power

It essentially says the President will be able to ignore The HOUSE when it comes to budgeting matters, decide without an act of congress where OUR tax money will go & what it gets used for ... And there isn't a Damned thing any one will be able to do about it!

That's scary as hell!

We will have CA ... Only on a national scale!

CA - where
• 25% of kids don't graduate
• only 40% of graduates go onto school
• state colleges where you can take classes in tanning or surfing
• unemployment is nearly 25% in major cities
• major cities are looking at bankruptcy
• Bell City

Should have named this
"Things that Make You Go HMMMMM"

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