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Friday, November 02, 2012

Foot In Mouth Disease

Interesting move ...

NYC Mayor Bloomberg is deciding to go ahead with the New York Marathon - comparing it to the race that went on after 9/11 ...

Mr mayor -the race took place nearly 2 months AFTER the tragic events in 2011 - this year you are talking just DAYS where people are still without food/water/power/heat!


The race route:
Statin Island
Over the Brooklyn bridge
Across the bridge

The city has found GENERATORS to provide power for MARATHON TENTS

Then there is the question of WHERE will the runners stay while in town?

Most of the surviving hotels/motels/B&Bs/Hostels/etc are filled with survivors who lost their homes to Sandy ... And those managers are REFUSING to kick the locals out just so the city can make a few bucks

Runners will be going through parts of the city that were either DEVASTATED by the storm or had enough damage to make passing buildings/streets/structures hazardous

The city will have water stops for the runners ... But they are having issues getting it to people in Brooklyn

It is hard enough for these people to deal with the gas lines and possible rationing while the city vehicles (for officials not just Emergency responders & utilities) seem to get all they want ...

But now they will have to deal with OUTSIDERS getting more attention than they do ...

Perhaps the mayor is hoping the winners of the marathon will be so touched by the devastation that they will DONATE the prize money to the relief effort ... I don't know who puts up the prize money but I'm sure it will be a windfall for the city if they can get it ...

I'm also sure this will come back later to bite Bloomberg in the backside when he tries to run again ... IF he decides to run again

It doesn't matter what party he's with ...

A fool is a fool no matter their politics

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