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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election 2012

Let The Games Begin!!!

Well this will be interesting ...

President & Michelle Obama have voted via "absentee" ballot ... which technically they shouldn't have since there is no reason they couldn't have made it to their registered polling place, although I suppose it would be a big security issue and a bit of a pain ... although Presidents in the past have done it.

He will then be playing basketball with staffers ...

Romney & Ann (wonder if its "ann with an 'e' on the end"?) went back to their polling spot ... and yes, as always they caused quite the stir ...

He will then be campaigning off and about later today ... thats unusual they say ... but I seem to recall other candidates traveling around on this last day before the end ...

I would hope they will only allow those in with an "I Voted" sticker so they don't lose votes by those who depend on others to vote the way they wish.

SO .... slightly slipping off topic

Obama was rallying up until midnight last night, I guess.

His big reason why he should be voted back in? He said "unfinished business" ... REALLY???

what happened to that "one term presidency" promise??

Actually -- your choice is Obama or Obama-Lite ...

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