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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Things That Make You Go HMMMMM.....

Alrighty then ... in the wake of the resignation of General Petraeus from his position because of the "sex scandal" {you know the same sort of thing that people didn't see as wrong when Clinton did it} there will be a big shifting of power in the administration

really whacky stuff ...

Amb. Rice {ambassador to the UN} fresh off her engagement of doing Sunday talk shows proclaiming the Benghazi attack was due to a "youtube video" is being eyed to take HILLARY CLINTON's place

Hillary is trying to distance herself and supposably going back into "Private Life" ... gotta wonder what Bill's been up to ... now that she feels the need to stay home and keep an eye on him.

Sen. John Kerry - you remember the guy who was supposed to have thrown his Medal of Valor over the WH gates in the 60s [turned out to be someone else's medal] is being eyed as Secretary of Defense ... cureently held by Penetta {another one "returning to private life"} pay back for playing "Romney" in debate practice ... ... while he has the background in the military, he has a lot of strikes against him - not the least of which is his dishonesty.

Holder, by the looks of it, gets to KEEP his job ... even after the sanction from the Senate hearings & the "Fast and Furious" fiasco ... not to mention the issues with our border lands (the media loves chatting about the southern border, but there are issues uptop as well)

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