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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Economic Education

So the first wave of problems are about to be felt by thousands as employees are sure they will be hit hard by "Obamacare" ... mandatory health-care

Several companies have announced major changes to their employee schedules ... Papa John's, Applebees, Walmart - to name just a few ...

there have even been reports of businesses in NV & UT who already let people go shortly (the next day) after the election

So what are the consequences?
• 20 new/increased taxes to small/family businesses
• $1000-$2000 cost to companies PER EMPLOYEE will begin to cut into wages (of course most people don't realize that there is a penalty for them as well)
• Large Employees (over 50 workers): must offer if working 30+ hours
•• New definition of "Full Time" from 40 hours to 30 hours/wk
•• New definition of "Small Business", employees {not payroll} must number below 50
•• Retail/Hospitality: 32% of companies expected to cut FT workforce

49% of people surveyed {no data info given} want some or all of the Law repealed

Predictions are that ONE MILLION jobs will be LOST

no numbers on how many jobs will not be created

Hows that 'Hope' and "Change" working for you? Anyone feeling like we are moving "Foward" yet?

feels like a back slide to me ...


Party like its October 28, 1929!

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