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Monday, December 10, 2012

Economic Education

How could the new work rules effect us? What about some of the demands of the unions?

Well let's hope we don't get like some of the European countries:
➡ 20 PAID days of vacation/yr GUARANTEED (not including national holidays/weekends/additional time off)
➡France guarantees 25 days off, MINIMUM
➡ EU granted workers the right to a "vacation do-over" - so if you get sick/injury during vacation, it will automatically go towards your sick leave and to get the vacation days back (doctors note required but not hard to get)
🇮🇹 in Italy: if you start a business and hire more than 10 employees then you have to submit a list of EVERY possible safety hazard at your business to the GOVERNMENT - has to include how you will deal with physical/mental/emotional hazards, and name of dr who performed the assessments
🇮🇹 a 16th employee causes companies to hire a UNION REP which also are given paid leave to perform "union duties" (at least 8 hours a month)
🇮🇹 17th employee MUST be disabled - or pay fine
🇮🇹 51st employee - 7% of work force must be handicapped in some way (Europe has high disabled rate compared to US)
🇪🇸 SPAIN: fire an employee, you have to pay 24 months severance pay (this has been cut in half from the old regulations, people aren't happy)

Singapore: (booming economy)
No min. Wage
No laws against discrimination
Four weeks termination notice if firing someone
Unemployment rate 1.9%

Of course this doesn't count the governments over there trying to raise the retirement age ...
Cut unemployment pay ... Shortening hours in work day ... Lengthening work week ... Raising tuition at the national schools ... Etc.

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