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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Numerology Class

So why are the Dems so concerned about the Unions sides of "Right To Work" laws? And why do they try to paint it as a "Union busting" law?

In 2012 election season:

💰 $143,386,940 in Union political donations
👀 91% of Contibutions went to DEMOCRATS/9% to Republicans
💰 Since 1990 Elections: 92% of Union contributions have gone to Democrats/8% to Reublicans

When this same thing happened in WI two years ago, he stayed out of it as a state issue ... You might remember this one - ALL the Democratic congressmen went I to hiding in IL and refused to come back for a vote ... It also led to the recall election of WIGov ... Who went on to WIN the recall election.

" i just gotta say this - What we should not be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages and working conditions. "
" what they are really talking about is they want to give you the right to work for less money."
President Barack Obama, 10DEC2012

This is NOT about"collective bargaining" ... The law passed in MI simply says that in order to GET or KEEP a job you do not HAVE to belong to a union or pay dues. unions can still collectively bargain for their members.

According to he Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that workers in Right-To-Work states average $7,000 more per year in salary. When adjusted for COST OF LIVING workers in RTW states have more purchasing power, &more disposable income.

MI unemployment rate
6th worst in nation

MI foreclosure rate
1:607 houses
10th worst in nation

MI state debt
$124 Billion
Official word from White House
" ... Talk about his views - he has always opposed so called "right to work laws" as he said, those laws are generally political and non-economic, more about the right to earn less pay than they are, you know, helpful to our economy. And he presented those views in Michigan" Jay Carney, White House Press Secetary, 11 DEC 2012 (press briefing)

This was supposed to be in response to a question about a MI congressman who threatened that if the RTW law passed that there "would be blood" - and what the White House stance is on such language.
So what was the reaction to the news that the law passed amongst the crowd?

At least one fight broke out amongst a Union Rep and a RTWer which wound up catching up a news camera ... You can hear someone (don't know which side) yelling at the camera man to shut off the camera and accusing him of pushing someone.

There was a report of Union protestors cutting the ropes on a tent (provillion style, not sleeping style) while people were still inside and trapped under the tarp and then "stampeding" acrossed the tent ... They may not have realized that anyone was still inside - those things are heavy and if someone was caught inside they likely had been knocked to the ground and their movements may not have been seen in the wrinkles of the fabric.

One police woman was pulled into a crowd of people (don't know which side of the issue) and her partner had to use pepper spray to get the crowd back to extract his partner.

MORE TO COME ... I've got a feeling we haven't heard the last of this yet

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