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Monday, April 29, 2013

Economic Education

Word is that the bill was voted on twice ... It failed the first time so they had more discussions and then it PASSED the second vote.

The bill will drop the current sales tax in the state but it will now cover CLOTHES, OVER THE COUNTER DRUGS (OTC) such as Tylenol/vitamins, and PERSONAL SERVICES such as hair cuts, etc.

Personal Income tax will rise for what the media is labeling the top 7% of MN residents (I think more like 10-12%)

Now this was just the MN Senate bill - there is one that passed the MN House which it needs to work with (even higher income taxes but no tax on clothing)

Lord forbid they should learn to CUTTHE DAMNED SPENDING like everyone else would have to do!

@~@~@~@~@~ @

What do you consider "upper class"?

Apparently in my state it has been determined to be $74,000 for individuals or $140,000 for couples ...

HEY DAYTON!! That is NOT the top 1% nor the top 5% in our state ...

That will raise $1.8 BILLION in one year ... Kiss your butts goodbye ... What's the point to getting a college education?

They also want to raise the states minimum wage requirement from $7.25/hr up to $9.95/hr!

Making $10/hr now? No - you do NOT get a corresponding raise ... You will however now have to pay more for goods/services to PAY for these new raises that others are getting, but not you.

Geez .. Between states & federal taxes we can expect to being able to keep about 35% of our paychecks while they take the rest ....

So sad

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