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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Economic Education

More MN tax dilemma info

Current bills which have passed house & senate in the state ...

would do the following:
~ expanding the alcohol tax (7¢ per drink)
~ Sports Memorabilia tax (to fund the Viking Stadium)
~ counties will be able to charge a "wheelage" tax on cars

would do the following:
§ drop the state sales tax to 6%
§ tax services rendered
§ tax clothes
§ taxes digital downloads
§ online purchases
§ pay television (cable/satellite/apple tv ... I thought we were taxed on all that already?)


Gov Dayton: top 2% of MN ($250,000 jointly earned) would be taxed at 9.85%
MN House: top 1.1% of MN ($400,000 jointly earned) would be taxed at 12.49%, plus surcharge
MN Senate: top 7% of MN ($130,000 jointly earned) would be taxed at 9.4%

The tax bills are supposed to "freeze" tuition at the U of MN (right, like that's gonna happen)
Send more money to schools (ie MPLS & ST PAUL proper schools just like in IL)
Pay for property tax relief ... But only for certain home values I'm sure

Dayton is dancing ... tap dancing ... around the word VETO .... he says they are pretty cose to meeting minds ...


While it sounds like everyone at the capital is agreed that they have to steal more money from our pockets ... By rising taxes ... How to do it is the controversy ...

We are all screwed ...

Just screwed

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