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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Moore, OK

Major tornado killed as few as 21 and as many as 51 reports are saying ... Most of them children from an elementary school

There were 7 kids who were in a storm shelter at the school where the roof collapse on them and a water main broke filling the shelter - they were unable to get out from under the rubble and were drowned along with the teacher.

I did not realize that few homes in the area do NOT have basements - you would think being in Tornado Alley they would - but the soil is either clay (which causes water to collect in the basements) or bedrock (which needs to be dynamited) so there is no real way to put them in.

The best they can do are underground shelter boxes with metal sliding doors - but they cost like $10,000 to go in and aren't very big ... About the size of a small bathroom or jail cell (6 X 10foot)

Add supplies to that so you can wait for rescue if need be and you've got about 6x6 left ... 4 people would fill that up fast.

The storm was an EF4 (more to come on that) which was between 1/2 - 1 mile wide with a debri field of 2 - 2 1/2 miles ... The speeds were clocked at well over 200 mph at one point and stayed on the ground for about 40 minutes ...

The record breaker of 1999 they keep talking about was 1 mile wide, was an EF5' had winds of 300 mph, and stayed on the ground for over an hour! WOW

These two tornadoes took almost the same path - in fact the paths, when payed on top of each other, look like a chromosome ... A tight X that crosses over Moore ...

I was shocked to hear that schools are only required to do tornado drills once a SEMESTER ... That's just twice a year ... In MN our schools have to do them ONCE A MONTH (just like fire drills)

New info just came in that I will post in seperate posting

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