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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good-Bye Fast Food!

Well I'd like to say "Thank You Very Much!" To DC (that was sarcastic btw)

Now the Fast Food workers across the USA are striking because they want to have double the MINIMAL wage too!

They want $15/hr for flipping burgers and asking "do you want fries with that?"

McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's "restaurants" (quotation marks because they don't come to you, they stand behind a counter and you go to them ... How lazy we've gotten) were effected in NY and six other states ....

I guess it was just a one day strike though ... Bt they say other strikes are planned as well

<i> REALLY????</i> 

They should earn more than people with ALA degrees? AS degrees? BA, BS degrees?

I started at minimum wage with a BA degree 25 years ago ... When I became a SAHM i was earning $8/hr (I never got my last raise ... A whole quarter - I saved more by quitting actually but that's a different story) ....

Wen I got my first raise I was all pooey about it ... It was a whole 15¢ ... My father owned his own business and broke it down for me ... That extra 15¢ to me cost my employer about $1500 extra a month in extra charges for life insurance, workmanship comp, retirement funding, not to mention the cost of changing the forms that the company had to keep for the different government agencies ... It cost a LOT to run a business (this was before online stuff btw, we didn't even have a computer when I started there)

People just don't realize that while a company might report a "worth" or a "profit" when you look at it all they are working in the red ... Sad .... Of course I'm talking about the standard Mom&Pop business not big box shops like Walmart, Home Depot, or SuperAmerica ... Most franchise businesses like fast food restraints have to pay a portion of their gross to the corporation before anything else gets done (sometimes 20%) while they struggle - Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Dominoes are all franchised businesses ...

<u>MOST</u> franchises are hanging on by their fingertips ... The main companies are little more than mobsters in most cases ...

And now workers want more pay and less work ...

They just don't get it ...

They don't get it at all ...

Minimum wage $4.25 .... Cheeseburger $0.50
Minimum wage$15.00 ... Cheeseburger $1.50, and smaller too

Up ...

That's where we're headed

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