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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Things That Make You Go HMMMM .....

Well they cant balance a budget but congress - or at least a congressional committee - has figured out how to save the Postal Service ...


yes you read that correctly, no more deliveries to your house ... 

its okay if you have a roadside box though, like we do, or a communal box like many mobile parks & apartment complexes have these days ... but if you have a slot on the door, or a box attached to your home - forget about it.

so who's bright idea is this? well believe it or not, its a Republican from CA ... Rep. Issa!

yeah, i think he is just helping push for more exercise and feeding into the CA view of "prettiness" ... damn stick people!

so this means if you live on  a city street you will have to go to a central dropbox or perhaps you will need a PO box to get your mail ... i think those cost $$ to but I'm not sure ... I will look that up for you later ...

Currently they spent $30Billion annually just on delivery, they lost about $15.Billion in 2012 - the new way would only cost $224Billion a year 

they only get money from the services they provide - they get NO federal tax money at all (acept to make new offices, i think) but that revenue is down 25%

in 2006 they made 215billion
so far in 2013 they have made 160billion

but don't worry about laid-off workers going postal ... they are going to give early retirement instead.

then those spots will be eliminated (so they werent needed in the first place?)  the Unions of course are opposed to this because it cuts into their job base ... and funding base, of course.  we are talking about thousands of jobs so it could be a real issue.

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